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Our Speakers

Andrew Chow

Social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker

Andrew Chow is known to be pragmatic, visionary, competitive, intuitive and giving.

While he is a successful social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore, he is also the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books: Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247

Andrew has spoken in over 15 countries within 5 years and addressed more than 20,000 people on Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Enneagram, Public Relations and Branding

Andrew’s career of 30 years; has seen him work with an array of clients including AXA Insurance, Abbot Medical Optics, Singtel and Sony Pictures, M1, Starhub, and Sennheiser

Andrew had more than 300 interviews and features about him or his business since 2005 from more than 40 local and regional media.

He is listed as the Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore in 2013 by the Singapore Business Review. He won the Spirit of Enterprise in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur in 2010. Before he served as the President of the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS), he also won the coveted Spirit of Service Award from the Industry.

He loves travelling and held his solo Photo Art Exhibition for 3 days in Singapore to raise funds for a charity – Teen Challenge.

Andrew is known by the moniker @ideasandrew in all his social media platforms

Murshidah Said

Independent speaker and adviser on the personal and corporate transformation

MURSHIDAH SAID is an independent speaker and adviser on personal and corporate transformation.

A graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology in 1993, Murshidah runs successful businesses for more than 18 years expanding throughout Asia. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified life coach recognised by the American Board of NLP, NBPES and NLP University (USA). She is also trained in the areas of Accelerated Learning and whole being learning to achieve better education for participants. She is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Murshidah is travelling regularly between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Her work involves conducting training from government bodies, multinational corporations, SMEs and professionals, to the marginalised groups like refugees, low-income families and the homeless.Her key message and topics addressed to organisations, businesses and professionals include Positive Workplace, THE POWER OF GIVING, Organisational Excellence through LOVE & RESPECT, and Corporate Grooming and Branding, and Customer Service Transformation. She also coaches entrepreneurs to increase profits and business impact through creating a sustainable Social Enterprise unit within their businesses. Her work on spreading the message of LOVE & RESPECT has gone throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences and is currently working on her first book. She is a regular motivator on Hello on Two on RTM2, has been a regularly featured guest on the Breakfast Show on NTV7, as well as on BFM the Business Station. She was also a featured consultant in the Sep 2010 issue of NewMan magazine. In Singapore, Murshidah has been a guest on the business programme Paradigma on Warna Radio. She was also the featured Transformation Coach on KISS92 FM radio station in Singapore. Murshidah is the brand Ambassador and educator of the WORLD HIJAB DAY, a global movement that promotes a better understanding of the Hijab. She has been interviewed by HuffPost Live in the USA, Mob TV, Astro Oasis and featured in the Malaysian Insider. Murshidah is the main presenter on the radio programme JEWELS OF INSPIRATION, on Malaysia’s IKIM FM radio station.

Murshidah is awarded THE BEST PERSONAL BRAND as a LIFE TRANSFORMER in 2017, by the Marketing Institute of Singapore. She is also a recipient of the 2018 Woman Icon Award in Malaysia given by the Business Excellence & Research Group, Singapore.

Murshidah is also an active advocate in helping the marginalised groups of people in Malaysia which includes the homeless, sex workers, runaway teens, abused women and children, and those living in poverty. She conducts regular visits to raise awareness of the people in need and conducts street feeding activities to reach out to the homeless. She works with NGOs to conduct Mindset Change programmes for the people in need as well as for the volunteers and counsellors. She has a one help one model where every paid training conducted, another mindset change and skills-based training program will be done for a marginalised community. Aside from corporate training, Murshidah also runs a social enterprise called LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre.

Murshidah has an 11-year-old daughter and is a business partner with her husband who is also her life coach. An avid traveller and adventurer, she has explored Europe, Middle East, South Africa, USA, Asia Pacific and Australia alone on a backpack as well as with a small group of like-minded friends.

Nina Othman

Social Entrepreneur

Nina Othman has been an Entrepreneur for 15 years. From owning a Baking Studio, Events Management Company, Supplying Corporate Gifts & Hampers, Production House, Advertising Agency, Photo Studio to a Kids Party Planning Outfit.

Nina holds a BA (Hons) in Marketing from Northumbria University, UK. Her strength in communicating her ideas & visions allowed for her to scale her businesses rapidly. Unfortunately, due to the lack of Financial Knowledge, she wasn’t able to sustain any of these businesses to the point where she was nearly declared bankrupt. Coming out of this very painful lesson and now a mother herself, she embarked on a journey to educate herself, her own children and young Malaysians on the importance of having Healthy Money Habits from a young age. She founded Grow the Goose in September 2015.

Nina devotes her spare time to her family especially her 2 sons aged 8, 6 and daughter aged 2. They enjoy doing outdoor activities together like hiking, gardening and badminton as well as baking & messy kitchen experiments.

Dato’ Normaziah Sheikh Mohamed

Managing Director Megapadu Sdn. Bhd.
Managing Director EuroMega Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Managing Director Klife Global Sdn. Bhd.
Managing Director Carelife International Sdn. Bhd.
Director Bellini Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Co-Founder of Simplysiti Sdn. Bhd.

From humble beginnings, Dato’ Normaziah Sheikh Mohamed, also known as Dato’ Azie is a very familiar name in Malaysia. At the age of 47 years old, Dato’ Azie is well-known for her business know-how and problem-solving expertise. Dato’ Azie began her business journey at the mere age of 25. With vast experience in business, she is now in two (2) distinct types of industries; the feminine and the masculine industries.

A strategist and an idealistic businesswoman, Dato’ Azie is the only woman in the country who is involved in the Manufacturing and Engineering Piping Systems business. Her business caters to the Water, Marine and Oil & Gas industries, areas which are unequivocally a man’s domain. With 15 years of experience in the piping business, she knows the industry like the back of her hand. She is labelled as the “Pipe Lady” as her name across the industry arose. Currently, she owns three (3) Pipe Manufacturing and Engineering companies which caters to the local and South East Asia region markets.

On the other hand, Dato Azie also has more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Along with two other founders, Dato’ Seri Khalid Mohd Jiwa and Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin, the Malaysian number one singer, they built the powerful brand of Kayla Beverly Hills and Simplysiti. Being one of the masterminds behind the successful brand of SimplysiN, Dato’ Azie’s versatility is undeniable. SimplysiN is now selling at 500 supply chain outlets all over Malaysia. At present, Dato’ Azie owns two businesses in the beauty industry which includes manufacturing of beauty and health products.

The success of her business empires has earned the companies many awards. Her successful journey has earned her to be the first ‘Female Icon of Malaysia’ in 2007. Her charismatic enthusiasm has placed her to be amongst the regular spokesperson for Government agencies such as SME Corp, Ministry of Women, Ministry of Youth and many NGOs. Through these talks, she shares her experiences and provides business coaching on building the business empire(s).

Camelia Bte Tan Sri Yaacob

Serial Entrepreneur, Word of Mouth Marketing Strategist, Trainer and International Speaker

WITH A BACKGROUND OF MORE THAN two decades operating and managing her own business, Camelia Tan Sri Ya’acob is a self-made successful serial-entrepreneur. Presently she is the founder and CEO of ROOTWOMMERS, a company specializing in 2 powerful modern income generator i.e. Word of mouth marketing and Connecting Networks for SME companies in Malaysia and Singapore. Entrepreneurs who do follow her systems will experience high profitability in a shorter frame of time.

She has been invited to be a speaker at business summits, conducts master classes at international conferences like WIEF and gives a talk to business communities. Presently she is the Chairman for Iskandar Space Builder summit project jointly made up of Rootwommers Sdn Bhd, Iskandar Investment Berhad, Usahawanjohor.com and DigitalJohor.com.

Today she is a strong advocate for Connecting Networks and together with her team she specializes in cross-connecting B2B and B2C markets from any network.

Rizal Hakim

Chairman & President for RACL Group of Companies

  • Chairman & President of RACL Group of Companies
  • Lahir Johor, Anak FELDA Raja Alias
  • Universiti of Tenaga Nasional
  • School of Hard Knocks!!
  • Expert in:
    • Large Capital Raising for Projects and Corporates (Debt, Equity)
    • Restructuring &
    • Italian Food
    • Marine Related Services
    • Construction, Facilities Management & Property Development
  • Companies:
    • R&A Capital Ltd
    • Rizal & Associates Sdn Bhd
    • Techart Sdn Bhd
    • Foodmach (M) Sdn Bhd
    • RACL Resources Sdn. Bhd.
    • Sandilands Settlements & Claims Sdn Bhd
    • 3 telco tower related companies (Sorry cannot declare due to some sensitivities)